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Kansas City, Missouri-born, and Houston raised by way of Atlanta artist Cherae Leri is hitting the music scene hard with her own flavor and style. Leri - singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and former model began her entertainment career at the premature age of three having always possessed a star-like demeanor even as a youngster. Leri works vigorously to create a sound unique to her experiences and purpose. The music oozes pain, diary-like reflection, attitude, pop, timelessness and sensual wordplay. Leri’s artist’s influences range from music icons like Tupac, Aaliyah and Erykah Badu, whom she met at the age of 12 & remained in contact with til this day. Badu encouraged Leri and her Mother to move to the Houston area where she also pursued a modeling career. Although her claim to fame might have been through the modeling world Leri never stopped working on her music. Her first single she released back in 2014 entitled “Mirage” is a track infused with both drowsy R&B and pop. With her solid vocals “Mirage “gives you that dark vibe similar to that of The Weeknd. In 2015 Leri relocated to Atlanta, Ga and also signed to Royal Reign Productions where she has released singles such as “Just Bizness, I, & Why featuring legendary Chino Mcgregor. Leri  has and continues to make major moves just alone her second single “Just Bizness”, ended up charting on Billboard, a record that combines elements of neo-soul, pop, attitude, jazz, and R&B. Cherae Leri continues to stand out with her one of a kind work ethic and blesses any stage she crosses! As seen on Radio One Blitz stage in 2016 there is a reason why we will all soon know her name. The ‘Show Me State’ native will continue her graceful yet ruthless glide into the music industry waters when she releases her debut EP, “Conscience“ March 16 2018.